Help Using Resources Page

Access to these documents is limited to Brent Music Service staff only.

The Teaching Resources page is an online resource centre where BMS tutors can share their documents, files, videos, music and weblinks with other BMS staff members.  You have been provided with access to a generic Google Account to enable every BMS member of staff to be able to view the document pages and contribute to this resource area.  

By accessing this page via the special BMSTutorDocs Google Account, you have some editing permissions for this page.  This is to enable you to contribute to this resources area - helping other BMS tutors benefit from your own experiences, and vice versa.

You will see a choice of buttons on the Teaching Resources page, each offering different functionality: 
  • Add File - Click to add a file from your hard drive

  • Add Link - Click to add a weblink to another website.  You will be able to provide a short description so others know what it is.  Ensure you use the http:// or https:// prefix before the www and rest of website address.  Eg. was used for the link listed to enable the View link to work.

  • Add from Drive - There is currently no Google Drive (Google's Cloud based file storage app) associated with the account you use to access this protected site.

  • Move to - If you see an existing folder to which you want to add your own relevant files, you can add a file as normal (click on "Add File") and then select "Move to" in order place that file in an appropriate folder.  Similarly, you can create a new folder if you have a collection of files to add that you wish to group in one place - Add the files, create a new folder and then move the files to the new folder.

  • Delete - This should be used with extreme caution and only on your own file submissions.

  • Subscribe to changes - a useful tool to notify you of new additions to this page.  BUT you will need to check the email address to receive these notifications.  To do this, simply visit and login with the same details you used to login to this website.

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